Exploring Sevilla-tapas y vino en el sol y amigas!

Hola! Ok so today is Friday the 13th as you all probably know. Unlucky? I think not. Today was one of the best yet (although I mean it’s hard to give that title because they have all been fab, honestly). I had class (Arte y cultura de espana) from 9-10:15 and then again from 12-1 (Span 300-grammar and writing, basically). After that, mis amigas y yo went for a very disorganized tour of the city. Geez it rocked! First, we went to La Calle Constitucion (Constitution St) to look for two restaurants that mi tia recommended for tapas. They were called “Alfalfa” y “La Colonia” but we didn’t end up finding either, despite muchas preguntas (many questions) to random people in the street. Alfalfa was apparently in La Plaza del Pan (the plaza of bread). jaja (spanish version of “haha”). Since we couldn’t find those places, I asked a woman what her favorite restaurant for tapas was on the street we were on because we were all very hungry and goshdarn it was time to eat! She said we should go to El Cafe Europa, but that we did not find either. We ended up at a place called Huelva Ocho that ended up being awesome despite the wait Stephanie and Emily had for their food. Let’s see…so it was 7 euros for basically any drink and two tapas. I ordered tortilla espanol which is basically an omelet with potatoes and I got a spicy sauce on it. It was grreat, as was the house wine (vino de casa).  I also got grilled vegetables-which were swimming in olive oil, although really good. Los Espanoles put olive oil (aceite de oliva) on EVERYTHING! I saw a liter bottle in the grocery store for 3 euros! Also, this morning in “the school caf” I saw a girl dousing her pan (bread) in olive oil. She poured in on her open ham sandwich. Another girl I observed (I like to people watch, ok?) first poured aceite de oliva on her pan and then put azucar (sugar) on that. humf. whatever… I asked mi tia when I got home about their unabashed use of olive oil and why more Spaniards aren’t fat. She told me the ham and olive oil baguette for breakfast (desayuno) “es normal” but the sugar thing isn’t. She also said she prefers to put a dab on her bread, not enough so that her sandwich is dripping-like the girl I saw. hm. cultural differences. Anyway, so after tapas, we walked all over the place and took many pictures and wandered blindly. We saw what we thought was an aquarium but probably wasn’t. We saw many cute shops. We walked through cobblestone streets with colorful apartments. We saw cars parked so close they were nearly touching. Andddd we saw TONS of vespas/mopeds. Goal: ride one! preferably with a Spaniard. young, attractive male Spaniard would work for me :). jaja. We somehow found our way back to this fancy dessert shop/restaurant that we had seen earlier and had the most AMAZING desserts ever, mine alongside a shot of expresso. pic to follow. My favorite thing to do here, since I don’t know what a lot of things are, is to ask shopkeepers/random people/mi tia what THEIR favorite (whatever) is and I go with that. So far, so good! After dulces (sweets), we (we being myself, Stephanie, Emily, and Sarah) went to ride the ferris wheel. La vista (the view) was muyyyy bonita! From there, you could see all of Sevilla it seemed. Stephanie and I walked home since we live near each other and stopped in a few shops along the way. We each bought a shirt and then went our separate ways. I also bought a little orange bracelet I can wear all the time, as a memento of Seville, and a pretty scarf from a street booth (inelegant description, but you get the point). Oh! I almost forgot two important experiences del dia (of the day)! We tried a public restroom where you pay 1 euro to open the door and ewewew it was worse than a port-a-pottie in there. From the outside, you’d expect that it’d be nice because it looks so modern and the door opens like one in a Star Wars movie. airlocked. That is the problem. It STUNK. We were divas and decided to use the restroom somewhere else, so we walked a while and stopped in good ‘ol Burger King-a three story one! It was nicer there and I was able to witness a Spanish BK birthday party, con la cancio (song): Feliz Cumpleanos and all! I returned home around 7:45 and had a nice long chat with mi tia about my day, among other things. Dinner was (jaja) chicken nuggets, vegetable in a lot of olive oil (but good), and mashed potatoes. Did I mention we eat dinner here at like 9:30? Well, we do. Switching topics, my roommate arrived yesterday and she’s very nice. Our beds are approximately 3 feet apart, so it’s a good thing she is nice. It’s nice to have someone here I can speak English to occasionally although we switch between English and Spanish, depending upon how difficult what we are trying to say is. Tomorrow we are all going to Cordoba for some tours, etc, and to explore there! We will be getting “bocadillos” from nos tia, which are basically baguette sandwiches. Tomorrow they are tuna. The last one was good, and she bought a bunch of fruit for us to take also. After Cordoba, which is about 2 hours away, a bunch of us are going to a bar called TexMex to watch the UNC game!!! Did I mention we are meeting at 8:30AM tomorrow?! Way early. So goodnight all.



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