Posted in February 2012

Grenada- view of the city and la alhambra!

This past weekend my program organized a trip for everyone to Grenada, which is almost due east of Sevilla (Granada and Seville in English). We left on Saturday morning and took a bus-the ride was about two and a half or three hours long, but not unpleasant at all. I slept some and wrote a … Continue reading

Italica, Barcelona, 135 pictures?

I’ll jump right in. There’s a lot to say in this one. Therefore…. As I was saying before leaving for Barcelona: Cadiz was amazing. and amazingly beautiful. and a while ago (2ish weeks), so small details have slipped my mind. Perhaps that is a good thing since I have Barcelona and Italica to talk about, … Continue reading

Errythin since the last time.

Ok I tihnk I should start with an apology. Sorry I have been slacking and haven’t written in quiteeeee a while. There really are no excuses. As you all know, I have a few hours long siesta every day and school stuff really isn’t too stressful. That being said, I’ll begin. But where?! So much … Continue reading