Errythin since the last time.

Ok I tihnk I should start with an apology. Sorry I have been slacking and haven’t written in quiteeeee a while. There really are no excuses. As you all know, I have a few hours long siesta every day and school stuff really isn’t too stressful. That being said, I’ll begin. But where?! So much has happened since then. Well, I have been to two places since the last post. Cadiz and Italica. Cadiz was a trip a group of us took on our own, to explore this beautiful beach town. Prior to going, everyone we talked to said things like: “Why are you going to Cadiz? It’s going to be freezing! Wait until it’s warmer.” negative nancies. We left of Friday the 20th of January and it was the start of a fabulous weekend in Cadiz, Espana. We traveled via train (it was about an hour and a halff-long trip). The ride was nice and we passed through the countryside, with more olive farms and small towns. Once we arrived in Cadiz, we had sort of a hard time finding our hostel, but we did eventually get there, after walking around looking like tourists with our big bags for a while. The hostel turned out to be super nice and the three girls I went with-Stephanie, Emily, and Sarah-and I were in one clean, simple room together. There was a rooftop terrace at the hostel that we later hung out on. Five other girls from our program went also so they were in our hostel, so we went out to dinner with them that night, after walking along the shoreline and seeing a beautiful sunset.

Alright so that’s where I leave you for today. cliffhanger, I know. Stephanie just called and we are about to meet up to walk to the bus station to go to the airport to get our plane for Barcelona!!!Pictures and more blogging to follow after this weekend. I thought I’d try to write at least a little before Barcelona. Enjoy!


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