Friday! A tour of the city, boots, and an invitation to Abril.

Whew so I was really tired this morning and didn’t have time to eat breakfast (which is actually the norm now) so I slathered some mantequilla y mermelada en una pieza de pan, grabbed una naranja, and ran out the door. There were not many people in our first class because a bunch of people went out last night and obviously didn’t feel like waking up so early (for our 9am class). We watched part of two movies in class: Elizabeth and Luther. They related to our topic of Catholicism and Catholic rulers in Spain. I spent the next two hours doing various things on my computer in the cafe and then had class again at 12. Afterwards, Stephanie and Laura came with me to Corte Ingles so I could buy a pair of boots I had put on hold yesterday. I tried to communicate to a woman who worked there that I had boots on hold I’d like to buy and she just looked at me with a blank stare as I tried to find the words and conjugate various verbs in my head. This was one of the most frustrating experiences I have had here. I did eventually find a nice man who more or less understood me and found the boots. Tia wasn’t home for lunch, but Ana was, so she got our food read by heating it up in the microwave. We had pasta and lasagna and bread. I told you they like carbs here. Oh, and I had a salad too. Anyway, at 4, my history class was meeting at the cathedral to go on a little tour of the city with our professor-Antonio. I was super tired and wished I could stay here and nap during siesta, but no. The little tour was cool and I learned some places I could take mi familia when they come which is in a little over a month! yay! A few of us went to cafe y te ( un restaurante) after and got hot chocolate with whisky and something that was basically a melted milkshake. Stephanie wanted to look at a pair of boots (so many boots today) so we went to find those and then to Corte Ingles to buy snacks for this weekend. Around 8:45 I returned home and tried to correct an essay for Monday, but I dozed off on my bed for a few minutes instead then it was basically time to eat. Tia got home late-around 9:15-because she had been taking care of her grandson Pepe all day. Ana’s friend was here so she, Alyssia (my roommate), Ana, and myself all ate together. Ana and Maria are going to Abril tonight-a discoteca-and invited me, but I am like deadd tired, so I said no but she said we could go another time, which I would LOVE! I think that’d be a blast-hanging out with Spanish people finally. My other friend who I met up with the other morning also invited me to go out to Abril with her , but same deal- I said I had to get up early to go to Grenada, so I was just going to chill tonight. We have the next three months for this stuff. fortunately. Since dinner, I have just been correcting this essay finally and chilling. I now need to pack for Grenada, so hasta luego!


One thought on “Friday! A tour of the city, boots, and an invitation to Abril.

  1. Sounds like things are moving along smoothly and enjoyably! I am pretty sure your parents are as excited about their trip to Spain as you are about having them. My favorite picture is you doing one of your famous handstands!

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