Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.~Buddha

I think this quote pretty much sums up how I would like to live while here in Spain. Actually, how I would like to live always, but especially now. I made a sort of rough Lenten promise to work on improving my Spanish, which includes completely cutting off anyone from home because that would mean speaking in English. NO. just kidding. Es una broma (joke). Howeverrrr, I do want to spend more time talking with my host mother and speaking in Spanish with my friends more often, and hanging out with Spanish people, like my intercambio. Speaking of intercambios….Imagethis is a picture of two other people from my program and their intercambios. My friend Laura is missing from the picture because she was so kind as to take one with me included. My intercambio is the girl to the right. She actually invited me to go rollerblading/have a picnic on Tuesday! I will be here so I would like to go! It was really fun just hanging out for an hour or so in their “quad” and talking. We talked in Spanish pretty much the whole time. I guess the intercambios don’t feel as much of a need to use English because they aren’t in a foreign country, but I like talking in Spanish so it works. Laura and I left after about an hour because I had to go back to EUSA (school) to finish a paper that was due for my class at 5. I also had a final exam (yes! the class was over on Thursday!) that I had barely studied for. That being said, the paper got finished and the exam went fine. I also had an in-class exam that was an essay yesterday morning. That wasn’t enjoyable and plus, I had forgotten my book at home that we were allowed to use. I got someone else’s after they were done, though, and managed to spit out some info I believe was fairly relevant to the topic: La Triple Alianza. These were three major cities of the Aztec Empire. Ehhh I’ll have to wait and see how that exam went.

Apparently I looked a little red today from the sun, according to my senora. She told me to get some sunscreen. Ok yeah I believe I will need it.Yesterday before lunch mi tia also told me that the woman next door can hear it when we shower (and I shower really late-right before I go to bed), so she asked that we shower before 12 now. I felt a little bad and apologized, but my senora was just kind of like ah no problem. You’re fine. Two of my friends are moving houses soon because their senora is not always the most stable or friendliest of people. I’m sad they will be further away, but glad they won’t have to feel uncomfortable going home, being afraid they were going to be yelled at. I’m continually glad to be living here. Today for lunch, for example, my senora gave me a big yummy salad with carrots and I think spaghetti squash on top. I know her daughter and my roommate don’t like vegetables, so she may (or may not have) bought them for me. I like to think she did, but either way, she is very thoughtful. OH yes yesterday I had this dessert thing I had seen Emily eating-it was like candied spaghetti squash (I think) between two shortbread cookies. It was yummy.

 Today, I was 40 minutes late to my first class. Whoooooopss! I  woke up with my alarm at the right time then bam, fell back asleep until about 9, when my class starts. I may have skipped it except that I had a class right afterwards anyway. Therefore, I reluctantly got up, got ready, and strolled on over to EUSA. My teacher (Fernando) definitely gave me an odd look when I walked in, but didn’t seem upset. Many people were absent anyway because they had already left for their trips for the weekend. After class, I went with Melissa to a little bar because they have a special on Fridays and almost fell asleep in the sun. After, I walked home and had lunch and then began searching for flights/trip ideas for this long weekend. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, but thought it’d be nice to go somewhere. I now have plans with Melissa and Amanda to go to Tarifa, on the southern tip of Spain. Check it out:  It’s apparently famous for its windsurfing. We are leaving Sunday morning and staying until Monday night, so we still get some time here in Sevilla where it is going to be a beautiful weekend! Tarifa sounds pretty awesome though, because from lookouts there, you can see Africa and since it is situated on a point, the Atlantic ocean is on the west and the Mediterranean is to the east. Whew I’m excited!

Today after lunch and a short time searching for flights and what not, I went wandering for the sake of wandering. Oh, and also to put 5 euros worth of money on my phone (which ran out of money in the middle of a conversation I was having.sheesh) and to buy sunglasses. This weather has inspired me. Oh, and to get froyo from Yogurtlandia. After much wandering, I found: 1. sunglasses, and 2. Yogurtlandia. It was really a lot of fun just wandering around and trying to find places by walking through teeny, winding, cool streets until they (hopefully) opened up into some sort of plaza or dumped me onto a big street. My strategy was usually successful. I think I am beginning to know the city…maybe I can even try to show my family around when they come. I hope so! Along my stroll (which lasted a long time), I saw many interesting things. Some epitomized Spanish culture and some were just fun. For example, I must have seen like a minimum of 10 flamenco dress stores. and let me tell you. Those dresses are NOT cheap. I have seen prices in the windows and they probably are mostly >100 euros for the nice ones. It seems to me that a flamenco dress is not something one can wear often unless you do flamenco shows regularly. Is this comparable to our prom dresses? maybe…except these are way cooler. I might buy one. just for fun. no, but I wish. red, ruffly, and polka-dotted. what could be better? I might even buy one for my mom… 🙂 Another thing I saw while walking around was a group of maybe four guys-maybe in their 40s or 50s-just drinking and playing guitar in a plaza. Just hanging out. Relaxing. Having a good time. I like to see these things. Now, I think I’ll nap. I’m going out soon and then tomorrow I asked for a bocadillo so I can go have a picnic with mis amigas! I may even start reading “The Notebook” in Spanish tomorrow….Oh España. ❤




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