This week

Not a ton of super exciting stuff has happened but I’d still like to share a few pictures. That’s not to say it hasn’t been a good week. Let’s see…Monday, Laura, Stephanie, Amanda and I went out to lunch for Laura’s 21st birthday! We went to an American Diner afterwards for dessert. Image



I gave her a bag of fun stuff-like toys (since we cannot find a frisbee here!). Since then, it’s basically just been classes and hanging out outside. I met with my intercambio yesterday and afterwards, walked around, still discovering the city. It is so much bigger than I realize! Wednesday I went to find the apartment my family will be staying in and it’s in a perfect location! It is very close to La Catedral and El Centro where all the cool stuff goes down. Good pick, parents. I also received a surprise package from some good friends at home, full of wonderful snacks! It really made my week. My mother also sent me a little package full of fun stuff too. I’m watching the Carolina game a little later. I’d call this week PERFECTLY RELAXING.

















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